Friday, November 6, 2009

'I Care A Damn.....'

Being sentimental about your job and your colleagues is something that every individual experiences. I too experience it day in & day out. At times it disturbs mentally. Even if there is a small crack or a slightly changed behavior, you automatically tend to think 10 different things over the same situation. Not to forget it is a human tendency to think over the situation until the dust settles down.

Over a period of time you share a good rapport with your colleagues & bosses therefore being friendly with them to some extent is quite normal but still one needs to be careful.

Since im an emotional person, I immediately get affected even with the slightest change in behavior by any of my colleagues. Your psychology gets affected by it. You tend to get more curious about things happening around and indulge into a ‘Grapevine’ resulting into loss of concentration at your work. Even after office hours those thoughts revolve in our sub-conscious brain and we tend to derive an entirely different situation in our minds relating to those circumstances in such a way that we imagine things falling in our favor when the reality is different.

Over a period of time I have developed ‘I Care a Damn Attitude'. To be frank Im not more worried about my work being hampered but im more worried about my psychology getting disturbed.
Getting indulged into gossips, anger, jokes, vindictive nature, aggressive behavior, dominance, biased actions, corporate politics etc is a part of the human nature, from the root level employee to the top notch management but yes, ego levels may differ at different levels. Groupism, camps, ego clashes are omnipresent. Thankfully I have that 'Care A Damn attitude' which helps me when dealing with such people.

My boss had once imparted his 'gyan' to me. In a Tsunami tall trees were broken and uprooted but small grass did not. Trees stand tall and stiff that a massive cyclone can break it, but grass bends in the direction of the flow as a result it gets saved. Moral of the 'gyan' was, in life you will face many people which you would hate to deal with, but if you remain stiff you are bound to be broken down but if you bend as per the flow you will sustain for long. So his only message was 'Behave situational'. About the world around, I have learnt just one thing, 'Care a Damn....' and you will be free from the so called 'psychological' barriers and unproductive thoughts that worry you and affects you, be it office or wherever you go.