Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Virtual & Reality

Aiming something is not a superstitious belief or a dream. Its ur dream to do something that u divert your efforts towards that dream to make it become true. Things that seem to be virtual for others may be a reality for u. Y concentrate on thinking whether its dream or a reality, jus put ur efforts. If u sit & think that this is something virtual which can never become a reality, then you will never try & perhaps the fruit that you could have got if u would hav tried, u would not get it. There is a very thin line between Virtual & Reality.Try hard to make your dream come true. U may never know when your prayers will be answered & your efforts become fruitful. You jus need to march towards it. If ur deeds are true & determined things will definitely work. You don’t decide the time for things to happen or things to occur, they will occur when they are suppose to, miracles will happen when they are suppose to. You jus need to concentrate on ur sincere efforts. Crossing this thin line is not easy but it is not impossible either.. After reaching mid-way y to back out ?? u may be like a lost person in this deserted island, blind person in the midst of the dark clouds, but don’t stop. Have the determination of crossing this desert.. Dark clouds will move away letting the sunshine pass through. We just need to keep walking. Don’t forget, Guru is with u. he will not let u loose ur way. So jus keep walking. Time is the strongest thing in this world. Let it take its own course & things will fall in its own place, the way u wan them to happen but in its own time at its own pace... Have trust, Have Faith in yourself & in your God.. Nothing is Impossible..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Take off to Nagpur

My first official journey out of Mumbai through flight for the first press conference of my carrier was to Nagpur - the city of oranges. I was excited, i was enthused, i was overwhelmed. Coz all the firsts began from Nagpur, a city where i could relate to and I was close to. Reason, now is irrelevant. The first step that I kept in plane while going to Nagpur, I prayed to God for a particular reason. When the plane was landing to Nagpur aiport i prayed to God & I made one wish to him. It was all very beautiful for me. Nagpur city, Nagpur people, Nagpur sweets, everything. a small place near to Nagpur made me feel so near to all this. I had decided to write this blog on my take off to Nagpur when i would be officially...... but things dont work the way you want. Dreams are always dreams, they are meant to break like a glass with the pieces scattered all over. Those pieces could not even be gathered as they are washed away by rains..

I am writing this blog today with all hopes lost. Things you never expected, things you never wanted to happen.. I could never take off to Nagpur.
This is life.

When Time takes a complete 360 degree turn...

3 months ago I had thought,that the decision i had taken 3 years back or the hope & will power with which I had chosen a new path of my life, will be fulfilled & accomplished. The seeds that I had sown will soon grow in a huge tree.. But 3 months later, today, time took a complete 360 degree turn. It answered all the ongoing questions that were hovering in my mind. Never ever had thought, that life will take such a drastic turn. You decide something & life shows you something. You ask for it & it is lost. It is said that will power create miracles.. in my case all the good sayings have turned upside down.

When Time takes 360 degree turn, Will Power fails. It is said that Nothing is Impossible if you have strong Will Power, but when time changes & acts against you, no Will Power comes to your rescue. Hope – it is said that Man lives for one single hope in his life, but when Time takes 360 degree turn, hope fails too. When a person tries to accomplish something impossible & when time favors, people follow their path, but if the time is against that person, he fails miserably, people blame the one who took risk, saying that such impossible risks are never to be taken.. This confuses but I guess one thing is clear, that you need to be lucky enough to achieve impossible goals & missions in life. Hard Work counts only 5 %. If you succeed, it is considered to be more than 100% but if you fail, the same hard work does not even amount to 1% of the total 5%.

One thing that time teaches an individual is to be practical & sensible. Don’t complex things by making impractical decisions, coz if time is bad, even one spark of fire can cause innumerable burns.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Flow of the Time

Year 2009 was not great, not at all. It has left a lot of scars on me. i was hoping the new year to prove to be fruitful., but the beginning of the year 2010 was the worst of all. unimaginable. although it was good on the professional front but devastating on the personal front. same worries surrounding me. Whoever  has made this phrase "Move On" has really facilitated people to use it every now & then. Decided to go with the flow but again unexpected things happening in life. No clue at all.

But somewhere I felt like closed doors are opening slowly, but will it allow me to enter in ? that is again a question..... i could feel the change in my behaviour. had become a bit calm as i was clueless as to what is going to happen. still the struggle was not over. but..... i dont know. at times i used to confidently present myself but today......

Confidence is shaken within me. people of my age make various constructive plans, but i am still waiting for my destiny to take a call.
heart & mind are facing a tough time.... tensions equivalent to that between the two borders.
aware of the facts but unaware of the future. but i just can hope for the best thing to happen. whether its against me or in favor of me. have seen so many cyclones in life that now i feel that im like sand. the sand particles are so  light that it has no  option than moving with other sand particles along with the wind.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Year 2009 - Was a Boon but Burnt me to Ashes

At the end of every year we wish all the Happy New Year and may the new year brings in loads of joy & tons of love and happiness in your life. But i guess in my case sumthing is desperately wrong.

Last year was a nightmare for me. Lot of uncertainties, insecurity, fear of several things, insults, tears and what not. After 04th Jan 2009 every single day was an add on for problems and mounting tensions, but just with a mad hope of everything being streamlined kept me sailing through the high tides. That year my anger was taking its toll over me, insecurity and fear were creating hard rocks around me giving me no room to breathe. Destiny was closing all its doors and windows leaving no space for sunshine to enter in. Each day i used to collapse as taking the pain and still walking in a hot sun had become unbearable for me. but still, i used to manage to get up and try to sort out things that were laid in a haphazard manner, all alone and single-handedly. I cried, but there was nobody to wipe my tears. the only thing i got was sympathy from some1 close which again was a miserable feeling. i tried to change the situation, but in vain. Every single effort put in was true and honest,  but in vain.

I was being slaughtered every now and then, murdered every single moment.  i weeped, i yelled, i shouted, i pleaded, but all in vain. At the end, i was left empty handed.

Year 2009 has really left me empty handed, but it has done one gud thing to me - My First Confirmation Letter. I got my confirmation letter in hand, in February 2009. When most of the employees across the nation, across the globe were getting pink slips due to severe economic melt down, i was proud to receive my first confirmation letter.

I should thank year 2009 for this gratefullness but rest entire year, it has burnt me to Ashes.