Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Year 2009 - Was a Boon but Burnt me to Ashes

At the end of every year we wish all the Happy New Year and may the new year brings in loads of joy & tons of love and happiness in your life. But i guess in my case sumthing is desperately wrong.

Last year was a nightmare for me. Lot of uncertainties, insecurity, fear of several things, insults, tears and what not. After 04th Jan 2009 every single day was an add on for problems and mounting tensions, but just with a mad hope of everything being streamlined kept me sailing through the high tides. That year my anger was taking its toll over me, insecurity and fear were creating hard rocks around me giving me no room to breathe. Destiny was closing all its doors and windows leaving no space for sunshine to enter in. Each day i used to collapse as taking the pain and still walking in a hot sun had become unbearable for me. but still, i used to manage to get up and try to sort out things that were laid in a haphazard manner, all alone and single-handedly. I cried, but there was nobody to wipe my tears. the only thing i got was sympathy from some1 close which again was a miserable feeling. i tried to change the situation, but in vain. Every single effort put in was true and honest,  but in vain.

I was being slaughtered every now and then, murdered every single moment.  i weeped, i yelled, i shouted, i pleaded, but all in vain. At the end, i was left empty handed.

Year 2009 has really left me empty handed, but it has done one gud thing to me - My First Confirmation Letter. I got my confirmation letter in hand, in February 2009. When most of the employees across the nation, across the globe were getting pink slips due to severe economic melt down, i was proud to receive my first confirmation letter.

I should thank year 2009 for this gratefullness but rest entire year, it has burnt me to Ashes.

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