Friday, February 5, 2010

Flow of the Time

Year 2009 was not great, not at all. It has left a lot of scars on me. i was hoping the new year to prove to be fruitful., but the beginning of the year 2010 was the worst of all. unimaginable. although it was good on the professional front but devastating on the personal front. same worries surrounding me. Whoever  has made this phrase "Move On" has really facilitated people to use it every now & then. Decided to go with the flow but again unexpected things happening in life. No clue at all.

But somewhere I felt like closed doors are opening slowly, but will it allow me to enter in ? that is again a question..... i could feel the change in my behaviour. had become a bit calm as i was clueless as to what is going to happen. still the struggle was not over. but..... i dont know. at times i used to confidently present myself but today......

Confidence is shaken within me. people of my age make various constructive plans, but i am still waiting for my destiny to take a call.
heart & mind are facing a tough time.... tensions equivalent to that between the two borders.
aware of the facts but unaware of the future. but i just can hope for the best thing to happen. whether its against me or in favor of me. have seen so many cyclones in life that now i feel that im like sand. the sand particles are so  light that it has no  option than moving with other sand particles along with the wind.

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