Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When Time takes a complete 360 degree turn...

3 months ago I had thought,that the decision i had taken 3 years back or the hope & will power with which I had chosen a new path of my life, will be fulfilled & accomplished. The seeds that I had sown will soon grow in a huge tree.. But 3 months later, today, time took a complete 360 degree turn. It answered all the ongoing questions that were hovering in my mind. Never ever had thought, that life will take such a drastic turn. You decide something & life shows you something. You ask for it & it is lost. It is said that will power create miracles.. in my case all the good sayings have turned upside down.

When Time takes 360 degree turn, Will Power fails. It is said that Nothing is Impossible if you have strong Will Power, but when time changes & acts against you, no Will Power comes to your rescue. Hope – it is said that Man lives for one single hope in his life, but when Time takes 360 degree turn, hope fails too. When a person tries to accomplish something impossible & when time favors, people follow their path, but if the time is against that person, he fails miserably, people blame the one who took risk, saying that such impossible risks are never to be taken.. This confuses but I guess one thing is clear, that you need to be lucky enough to achieve impossible goals & missions in life. Hard Work counts only 5 %. If you succeed, it is considered to be more than 100% but if you fail, the same hard work does not even amount to 1% of the total 5%.

One thing that time teaches an individual is to be practical & sensible. Don’t complex things by making impractical decisions, coz if time is bad, even one spark of fire can cause innumerable burns.

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