Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Take off to Nagpur

My first official journey out of Mumbai through flight for the first press conference of my carrier was to Nagpur - the city of oranges. I was excited, i was enthused, i was overwhelmed. Coz all the firsts began from Nagpur, a city where i could relate to and I was close to. Reason, now is irrelevant. The first step that I kept in plane while going to Nagpur, I prayed to God for a particular reason. When the plane was landing to Nagpur aiport i prayed to God & I made one wish to him. It was all very beautiful for me. Nagpur city, Nagpur people, Nagpur sweets, everything. a small place near to Nagpur made me feel so near to all this. I had decided to write this blog on my take off to Nagpur when i would be officially...... but things dont work the way you want. Dreams are always dreams, they are meant to break like a glass with the pieces scattered all over. Those pieces could not even be gathered as they are washed away by rains..

I am writing this blog today with all hopes lost. Things you never expected, things you never wanted to happen.. I could never take off to Nagpur.
This is life.

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