Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Virtual & Reality

Aiming something is not a superstitious belief or a dream. Its ur dream to do something that u divert your efforts towards that dream to make it become true. Things that seem to be virtual for others may be a reality for u. Y concentrate on thinking whether its dream or a reality, jus put ur efforts. If u sit & think that this is something virtual which can never become a reality, then you will never try & perhaps the fruit that you could have got if u would hav tried, u would not get it. There is a very thin line between Virtual & Reality.Try hard to make your dream come true. U may never know when your prayers will be answered & your efforts become fruitful. You jus need to march towards it. If ur deeds are true & determined things will definitely work. You don’t decide the time for things to happen or things to occur, they will occur when they are suppose to, miracles will happen when they are suppose to. You jus need to concentrate on ur sincere efforts. Crossing this thin line is not easy but it is not impossible either.. After reaching mid-way y to back out ?? u may be like a lost person in this deserted island, blind person in the midst of the dark clouds, but don’t stop. Have the determination of crossing this desert.. Dark clouds will move away letting the sunshine pass through. We just need to keep walking. Don’t forget, Guru is with u. he will not let u loose ur way. So jus keep walking. Time is the strongest thing in this world. Let it take its own course & things will fall in its own place, the way u wan them to happen but in its own time at its own pace... Have trust, Have Faith in yourself & in your God.. Nothing is Impossible..

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  1. This is a 360 deg turn to your 360 deg blog. this is more hopeful neverthless. Stick to nothing is impossible :)